Cabin with Stars thumb

A Night Under the Stars

Last night was the first night this holiday clear enough to make setting up my scope worthwhile, and an amazing night it turns out to be. As the night drew on and the temperature dropped, the sky seemed to get clearer and the stars began to shine.


I’ve tried on several occasions to photograph the Andromeda galaxy through my scope, but again it alluded me… I was sure I could see it with the naked eye, and even checking Stellarium several times didn’t help. In the end, I settled for setting up my camera on its tripod and taking a wide angle shot.

I was also able to capture some amazing photos of our own Galaxy, the Milky Way.

I could have stayed up all night, it was just amazing to see so many stars light up the night sky. Fingers crossed for another amazing night tonight.

Hampton Lodge, Ellesmere

All the above photos were taken while on holiday at Hampton Lodge, an idyllic wooden cabin set in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. With almost no light pollution the lodge is a perfect spot for some astronomy with the added comforts of a cosy lodge with a hot tub.

As I journey through the wonders of the universe, my enlightenment to its beauty and vastness still amaze. As an amateur astronomer just starting out on my adventure, this is my blog and record of my adventure.