Missing: Have you seen…

Cabin with Stars thumb

OK! so I’m not really missing I’ve just not been around for some time, so thought it was time to post something, anything! It seems like one of my most used phrases ‘it’s been a while’, but finding time to get out with my scope to do any worthwhile astronomy is proving difficult at the moment. When I have time, the weather is bad. When the weather is good, I don’t have the time. This is not helped by living in a big city with […]

Capturing Orien

Well it has been awhile yet again, where does the time go? Guess that is for another post. Last night (Friday 19th Jan 2018) I braved the cold and went out with my scope, and although it was cold and I was in a highly light polluted area was I was able to study Orion something I have not done for a few years. Although it was cold the skies were clear so I setup my camera and computer, and attempted to capture a better […]

My First Sky Tour

Stacked Images of Jupiter (24.03.2017)

It made a change for there to be good weather on a weekend, so I took the opportunity to get out with my scope and new mount. Using a GoTo mount to help find the fainter objects makes such a difference, especially in a high light polluted area like where I live. I started the night observing the double star Mizar, in Ursa Major. With the weather being so good, I took the opportunity to setup my DSLR in the hope of getting some practice […]

New Mounts First Night Out

New Mounts First Night

Last night saw the first clear skies since receiving all the bits for my new Skywatcher AZ GoTo mount, meaning it was time to give the mount its first outing. I didn’t intend to do any serious gazing, so didn’t bother with levelling the mount, I just put in on our patio and off I went. I used my new Skywatcher PowerTank for power and my old scope tube, saving myself a bit of money. It only took a few minutes to get everything setup, […]

A Retrospective Review

Skywatcher Explorer 130P

Having recently decided to upgrade my Skywatcher EQ2 mount, I thought it was a good time to look back at the pros and cons along with my experience using the mount. Initial Impressions I remember thinking this looks sturdy being made of solid metal My initial impressions when I opened my scope were good, though never having owned my own scope and only having a brief go on a friend’s scope, I had little to compare it to. I remember thinking this looks sturdy being […]