My Second Society AstroCamp


It’s been a very long time since I’ve been out with my scope, for any decent observing. The last time was at the spring AstroCamp way back in April. It felt really good to get out there with my scope, new camera and laptop all together for the first time.   This was the first time I have had chance to really use my DSLR and laptop to test out what I was hoping would be some decent astrophotography. Using my bubble level to level my tripod, then […]

My First Star Camp

Scope and Stars

Last weekend I attended my first star camp with my astronomical group. Although I only stayed for the friday night, I was able to get some good practice in with my new camera. I arrived around 8pm and was able to quickly get my tent and scope setup be for sunset. After past troubles with my motor I was expecting to have some difficulties but for once my motor worked well. Sadly it wasn’t the clearest of nights, patches of cloud made getting longer exposures […]

Jupiter Moon Transit

It’s been a very long time since I was last out with my scope… hence the lack of blog posts but on Saturday morning, I made the effort to get up at 4am to see the transit of 3 of Jupiters moons. Having packed the car ready the night before, thankfully it was just a case of getting up and ready then heading off. I had arranged to meet some other members of my astro society at a local park to ensure we had a […]

Joining the Society

On Monday I attended my second Astronomical Society meeting (I missed the June one) and joined as a member. This months meeting included the societies annual AGM, which was quite interesting for my first meeting as a member. The commitee was re-elected and a few changes were debated relating to the starting time of the meetings. There were also a few presentations from members showing photography taken by members which included the moon, sun and distant galaxies and star clusters. There was also a discussion […]

My first meeting


Last night I attended my first Astronomical Society meeting,  was nervous at first as didn’t really know what to expect. It did help the first person I spoke to was also here for their first meeting, but everyone was very welcoming and easy to talk to. Events of the Evening This was a members evening, meaning members of the society give talks and presentations about a variety of different topics. The first was about a trip to California and the Palomar Observatory, in which the […]