New Mounts First Night Out

New Mounts First Night

Last night saw the first clear skies since receiving all the bits for my new Skywatcher AZ GoTo mount, meaning it was time to give the mount its first outing. I didn’t intend to do any serious gazing, so didn’t bother with levelling the mount, I just put in on our patio and off I went. I used my new Skywatcher PowerTank for power and my old scope tube, saving myself a bit of money. It only took a few minutes to get everything setup, […]

New Mount Ordered

SkyWatcher AZ SyncScan GoTo

It has been a while since my last outing with my scope, this was due to poor weather, lack of time and the big problem my EQ2 not working correctly taking the fun out of it. One of the problems was that one of the leg clamps, being plastic cracked, meaning the tri-pod could no longer be used at its full extended height. This in itself was not a problem and was more than likely due to being over tightened, as not extending the tri-pod […]

Polar Alignment… a practice


As there was a short break in the cloud cover this evening, I thought I would take advantage and see if I could polar align my scope correctly following issues at the AstroCamp the weekend before. Having read many guides and watch lots of videos, the first thing I did was set align my scope tripod north using a compass. This was followed by leveling the tripod using a bubble level, with the right equipment this is a fairly straightforward process. Once I was happy […]

My First Star Camp

Scope and Stars

Last weekend I attended my first star camp with my astronomical group. Although I only stayed for the friday night, I was able to get some good practice in with my new camera. I arrived around 8pm and was able to quickly get my tent and scope setup be for sunset. After past troubles with my motor I was expecting to have some difficulties but for once my motor worked well. Sadly it wasn’t the clearest of nights, patches of cloud made getting longer exposures […]

UK Solar Eclipse March 20th 2015

UK Solar Eclipse 2015

It’s been abit hit or miss all week if we would be able to see the eclipse from my location, even at 8:30am this morning it wasn’t looking too good. I had debated taking some time off work so I could enjoy the show, if it was visible, but decided not to in the end. Thankfully at about 8:50am clear blue skies can over, giving us the perfect view from the car park. For once I wasn’t alone, my work colleagues decided to join me […]