Capturing Orien

Well it has been awhile yet again, where does the time go? Guess that is for another post. Last night (Friday 19th Jan 2018) I braved the cold and went out with my scope, and although it was cold and I was in a highly light polluted area was I was able to study Orion something I have not done for a few years. Although it was cold the skies were clear so I setup my camera and computer, and attempted to capture a better […]

My First Sky Tour

Stacked Images of Jupiter (24.03.2017)

It made a change for there to be good weather on a weekend, so I took the opportunity to get out with my scope and new mount. Using a GoTo mount to help find the fainter objects makes such a difference, especially in a high light polluted area like where I live. I started the night observing the double star Mizar, in Ursa Major. With the weather being so good, I took the opportunity to setup my DSLR in the hope of getting some practice […]

A Night Under the Stars

Cabin with Stars thumb

Last night was the first night this holiday clear enough to make setting up my scope worthwhile, and an amazing night it turns out to be. As the night drew on and the temperature dropped, the sky seemed to get clearer and the stars began to shine. Andromeda I’ve tried on several occasions to photograph the Andromeda galaxy through my scope, but again it alluded me… I was sure I could see it with the naked eye, and even checking Stellarium several times didn’t help. […]

Supermoon Solar Eclipse


It was said to be a once in a lifetime event… technically not true as there will be one in 2033 but I didn’t want to risk missing this opportunity to see something this rare, so I set my alarm and waited. I was up and outside by 3:05am, I had decided not to set my scope up on this occasion. The moon was already blood red and almost totally eclipsed, it was a real treat to see.┬áThe below photo was taken with my DSLR […]

Polar Alignment… a practice


As there was a short break in the cloud cover this evening, I thought I would take advantage and see if I could polar align my scope correctly following issues at the AstroCamp the weekend before. Having read many guides and watch lots of videos, the first thing I did was set align my scope tripod north using a compass. This was followed by leveling the tripod using a bubble level, with the right equipment this is a fairly straightforward process. Once I was happy […]