New Mounts First Night Out

New Mounts First Night

Last night saw the first clear skies since receiving all the bits for my new Skywatcher AZ GoTo mount, meaning it was time to give the mount its first outing. I didn’t intend to do any serious gazing, so didn’t bother with levelling the mount, I just put in on our patio and off I went. I used my new Skywatcher PowerTank for power and my old scope tube, saving myself a bit of money. It only took a few minutes to get everything setup, […]

A Night Under the Stars

Cabin with Stars thumb

Last night was the first night this holiday clear enough to make setting up my scope worthwhile, and an amazing night it turns out to be. As the night drew on and the temperature dropped, the sky seemed to get clearer and the stars began to shine. Andromeda I’ve tried on several occasions to photograph the Andromeda galaxy through my scope, but again it alluded me… I was sure I could see it with the naked eye, and even checking Stellarium several times didn’t help. […]

Is it a bird? A plane? No it’s Supermoon!


Finally, I got out with my scope last night (14th July) for a very short time to observe this weekends supermoon! This was the first time I got to really give my new mount head and motor a good test run, and I am glad to say it went great. I managed to track to moon almost perfectly, like before I think not being able to perfectly polar align my scope does mean over a long period of time the scope would go out of […]

My first meeting


Last night I attended my first Astronomical Society meeting,  was nervous at first as didn’t really know what to expect. It did help the first person I spoke to was also here for their first meeting, but everyone was very welcoming and easy to talk to. Events of the Evening This was a members evening, meaning members of the society give talks and presentations about a variety of different topics. The first was about a trip to California and the Palomar Observatory, in which the […]