Eyepieces & Filters

10mm, 25mm and 2x Barlow Eyepieces

Variable Polarising Filter

If you are planning on observing the moon, one of these is a must. This variable filter I pick up from First Light Optics for £30, I highly recommend getting a variable as the moon’s brightness changes so some of the cheaper filters which can’t be changed would be only good for specific times when the moon is at a certain brightness.

AstroZap Baader Solar Filter and Solar Glasses

This is a vital bit of kit if you plan to observe the sun in any way! Mine was purchased from First Light Optics as a Christmas present for me.

With AstroSolar™ the Sun appears in its real colour – neutral white. Other films and most glass filters produce a cool/blue or warm/orange colour Solar image, thereby cutting part of the spectrum. Especially with an orange sun, it is very hard to see faculae regions which are visible predominantly in the blue wing of the spectrum.


Due to its neutral colour balance, AstroSolar enables the use of various colour (or interference) filters which allows the observer to concentrate on certain spectral passbands for investigations of different layers within the solar “atmosphere”.

Eye safety

IMPORTANT Never view the Sun without a suitable Solar Filter! Check the solar filter fits securely and covers the full telescope aperture before every use. Solar observing is dangerous and can be hazardous to eyesight. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, please read the safety notes supplied with the product carefully.