Star Trails

First Night out with new Camera

Last night was my first night out with my scope and new camera. As it was a school night 🙂 I didn’t go through all the polar alignment and setup, this was just a quick get the scope outside and attached the camera using a T-ring and my 2x Barlow.

I didn’t even bother with my motor as I’ve had nothing but trouble trying to use it, though I think it is the mount not the motor that is the issue.

First Shot

My first shot (see above) was a quick 30 second exposure, which created these short star trails.

The Moon

The moon was looking pretty amazing last night, a sharp cresent moon. I quickly spun the scope around to point at the moon and took several shots, slowly working with the prime focus to bring out the finer details. Although I didn’t get precise focusing, the resulting photo (see below) I was more than happy with for a first night.


Jupiter has always been one of my favorite planets, apart from Saturn, to study. After abit of trial and error with focusing, I managed to set several decent shots, below is my favorite.


I was amazed by what I was able to capture on the first night, and with no polar alignment or motor for tracking I’m very hopeful for some amazing shots in the future.

Below is all of the best shots.

As I journey through the wonders of the universe, my enlightenment to its beauty and vastness still amaze. As an amateur astronomer just starting out on my adventure, this is my blog and record of my adventure.