Software & Books

The below is a list of different applications and books I have come across, some of which I have used.

Software and Apps

  • Stellarium – Free Brilliant planetarium software, useful for predicting where planets and stars will be at a specific time.
DSLR Camera Control
Image Stacking / Editing
  • Registax – Free software used to stack images or video frames to create high detail images.
  • DeepSkyStacker – Another free software used to stack images to create high detail images.
  • PixInsight – An expensive bit of software but designed specifically for astrophotography.
  • GIMP – Funny name, but a decent image editing software for those who cannot afford Photoshop or other paid for image editing software.
  • Backyard Red – very useful bit of software to alter the colour of your laptop screen to red, helping to preserve your night vision.
  • Mobile Observatory – A Great app with lots of facts and details about the night sky.
  • Astro Panel – Free Astronomy weather forecasting app for Android, not really the most accurate but gives you an idea.
  • SkyMap – Free interactive skymap  from Google for both smart phones or tablets