Useful Link

There are a wealth of informative websites out there on the web. Here are a few links to another website with information I have found useful.

Equipment Suppliers

  • First Light Optics – Website to order various scopes and accessories with great customer service, though delivery times are sometimes hit or miss.


  • Martian Sunset – A fascinating Blog by another Sky-Watcher 130 scope user, check out their scope review too.
  • AstroBackyard – Fantastic website and YouTube channel with lots of useful tutorials and links.
  • Gerd Waloszek – A blogger with some interesting astronomy post.

Astronomical Societies

  • Knowle – My local society, monthly meetings with various events and talks.

Forums / Notice Boards

  • Stargazers Lounge – A forum with a wealth of information and a place to get involved with other astronomers.

Information / Reference Websites

  • Eyes on the Sky – A website with links to some interest and informative youtube videos.
  • Understanding your EQ Mount – A detailed look at the EQ mount with details on Polar Alignment and Balancing.
  • Naked Eye Astronomy – An interesting guide to astronomy without the need for any equipment. Thanks to Josephine and Noah for this reference!

Websites of Interest

  • Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive – For the most amazing images and videos from NASA and astronomers around the world.
  • Light Pollution Map – A great website for finding areas of England, Scotland and Wales where there is no light pollution.
  • SkyMap – If your looking for a free printable map of the night sky this is a good place to start.
  • 100,000 Stars – An Interesting virtual map of 100,000 stars surrounding us.

UK Locations

  • Cross Hands – A small campsite located in the Cotswolds. The site is in a dark skies area and is part of the caravan and camping club.
  • Hampton Lodge – This idyllic lodge is set in the beautiful Shropshire country side. With almost no light pollution this is a perfect spot not just for astronomy, but also for a relaxing break including a hot tub.